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Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL)

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Seniors Melissa Diaz and Steven Gastelum of Ballet Folklorico de Stanford perform for freshmen and their parents at the Chicano/Latino New Student Welcome at Old Union.

Themed houses and the Committee on Residential Learning 

Over the years, dorm themes have ranged from fairly informal events and activities to specific emphases in programming. With ResX, we’ve redeveloped this crucial part of residential life to better align with the Neighborhood and campus-wide sense of community. We want to make sure students have choice, a key feature of Themed Houses. Students have varied interests in common with academic areas of campus life, and University Theme Houses will offer the opportunity for  students to live in residences with others who share their interests. There’s information on two types of University Theme Houses (Academic and Special Interest) below, along with instructions for applying with a Theme idea for the Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL) to consider. 

Banner image featuring Okada house at campus opening.

What is a University Theme House-Academic?

A University Theme House-Academic (UTH-A) is available to all pre-assigning students from any neighborhood. It provides a meaningful and coherent intellectual collaboration within a residential setting for participants including staff, faculty, institutional affiliates, and undergraduates. This collaboration will promote intellectual vitality by initiating, implementing, actively participating in, and committing to a theme for a minimum of four years, with the possibility of further four-year terms after successful review. The Theme House will form a community around a designated focus, create a dynamic conversation and knowledge exchange, and contribute to a student’s sense of well-being and belonging in the residence.

A University Theme House-Academic is distinct from a Neighborhood Theme House (NTH). NTHs are open to only neighborhood residents and are developed, overseen, and locally resourced by the Neighborhood Community Council, not by CoRL. There is no pre-assignment for NTHs. An NTH is designed to give a high level of flexibility and neighborhood autonomy for these less formal themes, which might run for one or more years, depending on student interest. The Community Councils also are ultimately responsible to the Undergraduate Residence Governance Council, as is CoRL.

A University Theme House-Academic requires the sponsorship of, and support from, an institutionally affiliated group. It requires central support that ensures the longevity of the theme, and it is open for all students on campus to apply to. Affiliate faculty and staff will contribute to integrated learning opportunities that will foster a vibrant academic experience and allow students to live alongside others who share their passions. For Leadership Teams, and associated colleagues, the opportunities to establish and nurture academic interests in the residences will be of paramount importance so that all contributors have opportunities to engage with undergraduates in informal settings and enhance intellectual life on campus. 

In this initial phase of ResX, the anticipated cycle of a UTH-A will be a minimum of four years. This will not include 2021-2022, which will be considered a year 0.

Access the UTH-A FAQs & Connect with CoRL Here

Exterior photograph of EAST House, located in Governor's Corner.

Criteria for a University Theme House-Academic (UTH-A)

The criteria is the backbone for all University Theme House - Academic and also informs our application questions.

Image featuring Delta Delta Delta student staff members together on a beach.

Special Interest: House Fraternity & Sorority Life Criteria

Find the criteria for all university theme house-special interest: fraternity and sorority life.

Exterior photograph of Ujamaa, located in Lagunita Court.

Apply to be a University Theme House-Academic (UTH-A)

We welcome all students, faculty, and staff interested in creating a University Theme House - Academic.

Özgen Felek, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Religious Studies, developed and taught the spring 2012 undergraduate course 'Islamic Manuscript Illumination: History, Theory and Practice'. Instructor Ozgen Felek, second from right, works with seniors Barr Moses, Rose Leitner, and Andi Harrington in class.

Membership of CoRL

Membership on CoRL is appointed through three mechanisms.  Faculty members are appointed through the Committee on Committees (CoC) out of the Faculty Senate.  Student membership is appointed by the Nominations Committee (NomCom) out of the ASSU.