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Special Interest: House Fraternity & Sorority Life Criteria

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1. Leadership Team

  • Department: Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Team: FSL Advisor, Alumni Advisory and Organizational Leadership 

2. Theme Interest and Demand

  • Interest: For 2021-2022, give an indication of the number of members interested in being in the housed organization and share previous figures, where available.
  • House Sharing: Is the applicant willing to share a house? (Note that the Governance Council will decide placements.)

3. Integrated Learning & Communal Flourishing

Image featuring student staff members who previously lived in Delta Delta Delta.

The house should be, broadly speaking, focused on fostering a sense of shared learning and communal flourishing among residents. Your aims as a community must clearly align with 1) the chapter’s stated membership values, purpose and goals; 2) the university’s priorities for undergraduate education, including the Provost’s IDEAL strategy; and 3) the values and priorities of ResX. So, for example, you should address how you intend to ensure your community members’ sense of belonging. You should consider how you will provide an inclusive environment where all community members have a voice and are actively engaged in the organization. How will your organization put best practices into place, and what kind of metrics will you develop to hold yourselves accountable?

Your aims should be shown through plans that demonstrate all of the following learning and community desiderata. You must be able to provide evidence of successful completion of these plans in your annual CoRL review:

  • A focus on credible and stimulating events that encourage reflection and positive action on the part of all residents; field trips, or a sequence of workshops; other kinds of residential programs run in the house by the organization each quarter and in which all participate.
  • These events must amount to a cogent, definable, and demonstrable set of activities that incrementally enhance the spirit of the collective, the intellectual and personal development of individuals, the realization of chapter values and goals, and the flourishing of the community throughout the year.
  • Organizations will need to articulate how they will contribute to the well-being of their neighborhood by making meaningful connections and demonstrating good citizenship.

4. Institutional Commitment and Clear Resource Stream

  • With the assistance of their Leadership Team, applicants must demonstrate an operations and logistics plan that shows an understanding of the resources required to run the house and the annual deployment of those resources.
  • FSL office is a sponsor and must articulate their level of commitment and provide adequate resources, whether these are dedicated colleagues, expertise, or other measurable forms of support, people, materials or assets. The frequency and depth of a chapter’s engagement with FSL will also serve as a measure of the strength of institutional commitment.

5. Measures of success

Leadership teams must indicate how they will demonstrate success annually, especially for formal review and audit. CoRL’s review will lead by determining how well these declared objectives correlate with evidence-based outcomes. How has your organization learned from past experiences? What improvements have you put in place? CoRL’s review will happen in concert with the FSL accreditation process and the evidence it gathers.