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Community Councils

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Icon image featuring a photo of frosh check-in at Roble Hall.

The community council will be a governing board of students, resident fellows and staff working together to make decisions for their local neighborhood. Some of their core responsibilities will be to:

  • Examine how to set up the governance, oversight and practices to advance the principles of ResX, including creating a racially and socially just neighborhood.
  • Meet with all of the professional staff in the area to coordinate the work of the neighborhood including space reservation, event needs, etc.
  • Annually review and approve any theme houses that the neighborhood wants to have as neighborhood theme houses for that year.
  • Advance the culture of the neighborhood through determining the processes, traditions, colors and character of the neighborhood.  

The community council will be led by resident fellows, with a rotating RF chair. Community council members could include residents, representatives of each class year in the neighborhood, community coordinators, resident assistants, academic advising directors, dining managers, housing managers and others who directly affect the neighborhood and its quality of life and educational experiences.