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The Governance of Ethnic Theme Dorms

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In the establishment of a governance structure for these dorms, the university is codifying an enduring commitment to the four ethnic theme programs that exist on campus. Our ethnic theme communities have a rich and long history of engaging students at the highest levels of intellectual discovery and advancing diversity, inclusion and belonging at Stanford through engaging students in a range of formal and informal settings. They are both “a beacon and a haven” for undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni, providing a unique experience for students and the community, distinct from traditional, non-theme dorms, as well as from the other theme programs. Our ethnic theme programs both encourage their students to critically explore their identities and responsibilities to the community, and engage in broader outreach programs, advocacy and ongoing education.

Given the history and purpose of these houses, the ethnic theme programs require a unique form of governance and oversight separate from the Committee on Residential Learning (CoRL) to ensure ongoing connection to and leadership of their affiliated communities.  Thus, ethnic theme dorms will be overseen directly by the Undergraduate Residence Governance Council.