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Image featuring Many Stanford students came out to show their support to the champions on their day of celebration. Photo credit: Andrew Brodhead.

"The neighborhood model to me represents a culmination of need finding within the undergraduate community. It fosters community on several different scales -- both within your class and among the broader undergraduate population -- while providing equity and getting rid of the draw."

—  John Bailey, Class of 2023

ResX Neighborhood Map 2020-21
Note: Please use Adobe Acrobat or the free-to-use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view interactive downloadable PDF. Once downloaded, use the click boxes in the legend to toggle between the different neighborhoods.


Neighborhoods! We’ve got them! Check them out! In consultation with students, we prioritized:

  • More all-frosh housing, and all-frosh housing in every neighborhood.  
  • All-sophomore housing in every neighborhood for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Ensuring every neighborhood meets a broad spectrum of disability accommodation needs.
  • Ensuring students can move from RF houses to a more independent style of living.
  • Ensuring every neighborhood includes Row houses and apartment-style living.

For details about the neighborhoods, click here!

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