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Animated banner featuring the title of ResX featuring a cut-out that rotates through imagery related to the campus experience with a cardinal red X.

New Pathways

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Photo featuring Stanford students taking part in ResEd's selection process posing together making goofy poses.

New Pathways Based on Community Feedback

As we shared the ResX vision and began to work as a community to implement it, there were a few key areas of the original plan that we recognized we needed to amend. These areas include core values, theme housing, co-ops and Row diversity.

Students on a dorm-related hike through the woods pause to rest for a moment.

Theme Housing

Ethnic Theme Dorms, Greek Houses, Co-ops and Governance

Students, staff and alumni asked us to reconsider the proposed ResX one-year limitation on allowing students to live in theme houses, including co-ops, ethnic theme houses, and/or Greek houses. After working in partnership with these communities, we support making this change. The new model now allows upperclass students to live in theme housing for two of their three upperclass years. In addition, they can live in theme housing for a third year if they are on staff or in the leadership of their Greek house.

Co-ops:  The original report imagined that each neighborhood would have a co-op as a neighborhood theme house.  Students have shared that each co-op has an incredibly unique culture and that students would like co-ops to be university theme houses.  We agree!  Going forward, co-ops will be university theme houses.

Row Diversity:  Many students also requested that we consider how we can meaningfully diversify the Row.  With the exception of co-ops, ethnic theme houses, and housed Greek-letter organizations, students and neighborhoods will get to define the character they want for the Row houses in their neighborhood.  We will ask each neighborhood community council to begin by asking the question of how their council and decisions can lead to a more racially and socially just campus. 

Photograph of Muwekema-Tah-Ruk house staff together on campus opening.