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Animated banner featuring the title of ResX featuring a cut-out that rotates through imagery related to the campus experience with a cardinal red X.

Projects Currently Underway and Implementation Teams

We would like to thank these campus leaders for coordinating efforts to implement important aspects of the ResX vision.

Özgen Felek, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Religious Studies, developed and taught the spring 2012 undergraduate course 'Islamic Manuscript Illumination: History, Theory and Practice'. Instructor Ozgen Felek, second from right, works with seniors Barr Moses, Rose Leitner, and Andi Harrington in class.
  • Community Council: Cheryl Brown
    • Design Support for Neighborhoods: Jocelyn Breeland, Eric Van Danen, Sean McKibbon 
    • Equity Framework for Neighborhoods: Emelyn dela Pena + Orlando White 
  • Staff Roles & Training: Orlando White 
  • Common Area Spaces: Mona Hicks 
  • Dining: Eric Montell & Cole Shiflett 
  • Assignments: Justin Akers, Imogen Hinds, Cole Shiflett  & Cheryl Brown
  • RF Training & Development: Orlando White 
  • Mail: Jeanette Smith-Laws & Mike Van Fossen 
  • Sophomore Housing Experience: Warren Chiang & Orlando White
  • Frosh Experience: Cole Shiflett + Patti Hanlon Baker 
  • Coop Launch: Cole Shiflett + Eric Montell