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Enchanted Broccoli Forest

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  • Capacity: 54 upperclass
  • Neighborhood T: Wilbur West, 610 Mayfield, Chi Omega, Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Jerry, Narnia, and apartments in Mirrielees and EVGR-A

The Enchanted Broccoli Forest (EBF) is one of the largest co-ops at Stanford! Named after one of the first all-vegetarian cookbooks, EBF is also a very omnivorous house. Residents contribute a lot to the operation and climate of the house, cooking delicious meals five times a week, keeping the bathrooms clean, and taking on special tasks like baking bread, making delicious desserts for the other residents in the house.  Art (music, visual, etc.) plays a big role in the lives of many folks at EBF, and we're dedicated to creating a supportive and creative place for residents to do their thing.

It’s safe to say residents of EBF enjoy the finer aspects of life, and you’ll often see many folks out on the balconies and our back lawn when the weather’s nice. EBF is a very social house, bred out of the communal tasks that each resident performs each week (cooking or cleaning), and we have numerous social events to foster the community vibe. You also might have heard of our weekly, Wednesday night “Special Gathering of Special Friends. EBF is an awesome place on campus, where you’ll easily find a comfortable home, great people, and good times. Come check us out!

Residents run the house: cooking, cleaning, general housekeeping, event organization. The community has a jobs system in place to organize and divide the work. Each resident will cook dinner or clean the kitchen once a week and take part in quarterly jobs including bathroom cleans, house/kitchen cleans, and happy hour.

Enchanted Broccoli Forest Pre-Assignment Open House

  • Tuesday, June 15 @ 4:00 - 4:30 p.m.
  • Please contact Terra Helmer for more information about the Co-op Crawl.

Additional Housing Information, via Residential & Dining Enterprises

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